MujerArt Magazine

Women, Art and History

MujerArt arises with an unequivocal desire; to give women creators and artists a space for their discovery.

Feminine art

MujerArt was born after many ruminations, reading, researching and wanting to discover and not find answers.

We want to remove history, bring back those who sowed so much and left without making a sound and our contemporaries, all of them creative women and artists, fighters against the current and yet generous in their creation.


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Open Call 2023

We open call to select the future protagonists of MUJERART MAGAZINE.

We received proposals of the disciplines detailed below and under the following premises: Women artists over 40 years and who from anywhere in the world want to share their trajectories, we receive proposals in: Spanish, Galician, French or English.

Women who pursue artistic careers in the following disciplines:

• NARRATIVE: (Participants will choose one of the three options to submit their work)

-Essay: Free theme and a maximum extension of 500 words (1 per author)

-Short story: Free-themed and a maximum length of 100 words (maximum of 3 pieces per author).

-Story: Free theme and maximum extension of 500 words (1 per author)

• PERFORMING ARTS: Cinema, theater, dance, circus, performance...

• MUSIC: We receive between one and three compositions as a maximum in mp3 format. If you have lyrics, you can send them in pdf . For compositions with solo instrument, band or orchestra, you must attach pdf with the score, tab or cipher.

• POETRY: Poems should be around twenty verses , in letter size Arial/Timesnewroman 12, the theme will be free, we will receive a maximum of 5 poems per author.

• VISUAL POETRY: Up to 5 pieces. Free technique. Not three-dimensional.

• HAIKU: Up to 5 haikus.

We will evaluate those proposals that come to us in a single PDF file and that contain: BIOGRAPHY, ARTISTIC DOSSIER, PROPOSAL FOR WOMEN AND SIGNED CONSENT TO PUBLISH THE WORK IN THE JOURNAL.

For queries and submission of proposals :