Feminine art

I am Beatriz López Jerez, cultural, administrative, mother, poet and author and editor of this publication.

I wondered who decided to deprive/deprive us of the enjoyment and growth that knowledge provides , of that part of history that we have not been facilitated or that we have passed on tiptoe and sometimes not even that. But time is valuable and can’t be wasted looking for culprits, so I decided to change the things I can’t accept.
Faced with the fruitless search for the imprint of women in the history of art and the difficulty to find our contemporaries, I embark, wrapped in the unconsciousness that provides the illusion, in this project.
With the only desire to bring back the "great forgotten", women silenced by the mere fact of being, who suffered atrocities such as having to hide behind male names to publicize their work or who were painfully cornered, female artists: pioneers, fighters, brave and transgressors from whom many artists drink today, without even knowing it.
Another essential goal not to repeat history and oblivion: to make visible the contemporary artists who today sow the way, women with broad trajectories, with the knowledge that offers time and experience, who accompany us today and are writing the history of Feminine Art.

For the love of Art? Yes, absolutely. And in gratitude to all of them.

Do you want to participate?

MujerArt through calls published on different platforms, receives the proposals of the arts with which we will conform the numbers of MujerArt Magazine.

Is for you

Women over the age of 40 and artists who, from anywhere in the world, want to participate by sending their careers in any of the disciplines proposed by the editorial team.

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